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Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Liza Maza today acknowledged the determination of the American people in their struggle for change with the historic election of Barrack Obama as the first black US president. “Like the Filipino people, they have been the ones suffering from Bush administration’s bent policies that plunged them into this financial meltdown. They have endured the brunt of the militarist Bush regime that led them into wars of aggression under the pretext of its so called global campaign against terrorism.”

“His strong and vocal opposition against the Bush administration effectively won him the seat in the White House. His campaign rhetoric was indeed translated into landslide victory as he projected himself as the total opposite of Bush,” said Maza.

According to the Gabriela lawmaker, “This much anticipated event has drawn more attention worldwide at this very period when the US economy is at its worst. Undeniably, there is a growing resistance among the American people against the Bush regime that has brought them into the depths of despair.”

“The challenge for President-elect Barack Obama right now is how he could truly provide concrete relief measures that would effectively address the just demands of the American people. It is a matter of making bold decisions that would strategically respond to their quandary. It is a matter of redirecting its policies to provide real jobs and income, basic social services and security instead of pressing forward its warmongering schemes.”

Gabriela Women’s Party likewise poses the challenge for Obama to end all forms of US military intervention in its foreign relations policy, “The pull-out of US troops should happen not just in Iraq but in other countries where US military personnel have permanent or temporary military presence, including the Philippines.”#


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Gabriela Women’s Party Representatives Liza Maza and Luz Ilagan initiated today the filing of  House Resolution 754 “A Resolution Directing the House of Representatives Committees on Foreign Affairs, Defense and Peace, Reconciliation and Unity to investigate the alleged intrusion of the United States government into the peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and use the same as a vehicle for its economic agenda and permanent military presence in violation of the Philippine Constitution and recommend measures thereof.”

“The United States government has no business meddling with internal conflicts in the country. With their interference, it has become clear that they are taking undue advantage of the conflict in Mindanao and the Bangsamoro peoples’ struggle in order to put forward their geopolitical interests in the region,” said Maza.

According to the Gabriela solon, the presence of US Ambassador Kristie Kenney in the aborted MOA-AD signing in Kuala Lumpur as well as the February 2008 report of the United States Institute of Peace betrays the extent and depth of the United States’ involvement in Mindanao.

“The ongoing conflict and negotiations are working to the advantage of the United States. It has become a convenient excuse for the United States military to prolong their stay in the war-torn region, facilitating virtual permanence of foreign military bases despite Constitutional provisions against it. Moreover, the prolonged stay of US military forces in Mindanao has resulted to unresolved cases of human rights violations. Their presence and the conduct of military exercises in the region have been widely opposed. The United States should stop meddling in Mindanao affairs.”

Bayan Muna representatives Satur Ocampo and Teodoro Casino as well as Anakpawis Representaive Rafael Mariano have likewise co-authored House Resolution 754.

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