“It can be seen as no other way. The dissolution of the peace panel is tantamount to a declaration of an all-out war against the Bangsamoro people. The Arroyo government’s obstinacy, all the while ignoring the legitimate demands of the Bangsamoro does not bring the conflict anywhere near resolution.”

Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza today as Malacanang dissolved the peace panel negotiating with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The partylist lawmaker also said this move by Malacanang does not bode well for the hundreds of thousands of Mindanaoans internal refugees, mostly women and children who have fled their homes and livelihood because of the conflict.

“The AFP’s increased deployment of troops and the arming of civilians, President Arroyo’s DDR approach of disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation to the resolution of conflict and finally this dissolution of the peace panel, all speak clearly of the Arroyo government’s militarist solution to the ongoing conflict in Mindnanao.”

“We renew our calls for the immediate resumption of the peace process, for productive negotiations addressing the demands of the Bangsamoro people for recognition and ancestral domain as well and the calls to address poverty in Mindanao.”


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