“The government owes Filipino nurses five years worth of salary increases. RA 9173 or the Nursing Act of 2002 which was supposed to upgrade the basic pay of government nurses from salary grade 10 to not lower than salary grade 15 has not been implemented year after year.”

Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza as she urged immediate action on House Resolution 724: “Resolution directing the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations and the Committees on Oversight and Health, to conduct an Inquiry in aid of Legislation into the failure of the National Government to Implement the Upgrading of Salary Level of Government Nurses Since the Effectivity of RA 9173, Otherwise known as the Philippine Nursing Law of 2002, and for Congress to Include the Corresponding Budget needed for its implementation in the Annual General Appropriations.”

The present basic pay of government nurses at Salary Grade 10 is equivalent only to Php10,000 monthly. “This is way below the monthly living wage for a family of six which has been pegged by the National Wages and Productivity Commission at Php 894 per day or Php26,820.00 in a month.”

According to Maza, “Congress must make sure that necessary adjustments in the General Appropriations Act are made in order to accommodate the much-delayed salary increase for Filipino nurses.”

“Tens of thousands of nurses are being cheated off their rightful salaries. Do we not want to make sure that our health professionals are properly compensated? This neglect of our nurses compels them to leave the country and it is definitely taking its toll on the delivery of health services in our country”.#


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