“Its all systems go for the Anti-Cha-cha movement. Charter change has consistently been rejected and it will be rejected once more.” Thus said Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza as Malacanang announced that it’s now “all systems go” for Charter Change.

“We have no doubts that the people’s movement will once more thwart this devious plot. President Arroyo cannot hide behind the cloak of pushing for a federal-parliamentary form of government via Charter Change. Her intention of overstaying further in Malacanang is crystal clear,” said Maza.

The lawmaker also said that not only has the people’s rejection of Charter Change under President Arroyo been consistent, it has also been consistently on the rise. Maza recalls that during the height of the Sigaw ng Bayan people’s initiative and President Arroyo’s pro-charter change rallies survey results showed that even the minority who were satisfied with the government’s performance were not in favor of Charter Change:

> In the first quarter of 2006, 48% of respondents were against Charter Change while 43% were in favor. However, 52% of those who favored Charter Change would not want to have it under President Arroyo.

> In the SWS survey released in the fourth quarter of 2006, 2 out of the 3 or 67% would vote “No” if a plebiscite to approve a proposed new Constitution were held. The survey which had 1,200 respondents, was conducted from September 24 to October 2

> A November 24-29 2006 survey conducted by the SWS showed that the “No” vote on Cha-Cha is 79 percent among those “dissatisfied with the President,” 57 percent among those “neither satisfied nor dissatisfied,” and 54 percent among those satisfied with her performance.

The Gabriela solon further warned, “The unpopular Charter Change under an unpopular President whose popularity rating has plunged to an all time low of negative 38, would be suicide.” #


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