Gabriela Women’s Party today renewed calls for the scrapping of 12% value-added tax (VAT) on petroleum products and the Oil Deregulation Law, urging Congress to take up the legislative measures filed by its representatives upon resumption of sessions, in the light of the recent price increases in gasoline and kerosene by P1 to P2 over the weekend.

Gabriela Representatives Maza and Luz Ilagan have filed HB 3458 removing the 12% VAT on oil products and HB 3433 to repeal the RVAT. They have likewise co-authored HB 1724 to repeal the Oil Deregulation

“The VAT on oil is another heavy burden to an already mammoth one, that is the already steep prices of basic commodities. Its removal is becoming a more pressing demand as the effect of the weekly rise in oil prices are becoming more unbearable for the people. Congress should work immediately to give immediate respite to consumers and the transportation sector,” said Cristina Palabay, Gabriela Women’s Party Secretary General.

Palabay further said discarding the 12% VAT, price of diesel will be reduced by P6.53, gasoline products by P7.26 and 11-kg tank by P97, with their existing rates.

“Oil deregulation has only paved the way for the unabated increase in prices, giving leeway to Shell, Petron and Chevron (formerly Caltex) in dictating prices and hikes. The consumers, who are at the receiving end of these measures, are left to bear with the soaring prices that led to the 11.4% current inflation rate,” said Palabay.

Gabriela Women’s Party will be holding and joining the series of community and street protests for the scrapping of the EVAT and Oil Deregulation Law. #


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