Assistant Minority Floor Leader and Gabriela Partylist Rep. Liza Maza today said it would be best for Malacanang to certify as urgent, bills
that will implement a legislated wage increase for workers rather than to just allow the regional wage boards to decide on the wage hikes.

“Workers have long clamored for a P125 across the board legislated wage hike. While this amount would still not give workers an income that would be at par with the daily cost of living, this amount would at least give significant relief from the high cost of commodities. While wage boards may decide on a P20 wage hike or even lower, this
cannot even buy a kilo of rice,” said Maza.

The Gabriela solon insisted the legislated increase would benefit the estimated 33.7 million Filipino workers, including regular employees and those under contract as well.

Moreover, she said wage boards should do away with mere COLA increases. “The COLA increases do not translate to an increase in
other compensation and benefits based on the workers’ basic wage like the overtime pay and night differentials, ” they explained.

Maza also cautioned Rep. Magtanggol Gunigundo, chairperson of the House Committee on Labor for prematurely dismissing the legislated wage hike proposal. “Bills filed in Congress should at the minimum be discussed and debated on.”

Gunigundo had earlier said he preferred to let the regional wage boards do the work.


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