Gabriela Women’s Party representative Liza Maza expressed today her disappointment at the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs’ decision to return House Resolution 124 to the committee level. The resolution was approved last March 11.

“The lolas– Filipina victims of wartime sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army, have long been waiting for significant initiatives from the Philippine government to help them in pursuing justice. Why such dilly-dallying on this measure when the victims are already in their 70s and 80s? We all know that Congress can and will speed up measures if the leadership deems it so,” said Maza.

An initiative of Gabriela Women’s Party, House Resolution 124 calls on the Japanese government to formally acknowledge, apologize and accept historical responsibility over the sexual slavery of women during World War II.

Maza explained that an approval of the resolution would bring the Philippines at par with the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Australia, all of which have passed similar resolutions last year.

The Gabriela solon also pointed out that House Resolution 160, supporting moves for compensation for comfort women which she filed during the 13th Congress, was likewise approved at the Committee on Foreign Affairs but was not tackled at the plenary.

“I am hopeful for House Resolution 124 to be tackled immediately once Congress resumes session on April 21. Justice for our comfort women has long been delayed and long denied. It would be such a shame for our government not to take the cudgels for the victims in our own country.” #


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