The women’s partylist group, GABRIELA today said the recent assessment released by the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC) putting the country on the top of its list of most corrupt economies in Asia comes no surprise as the list of unresolved anomalies under Mrs. Arroyo continue to unfold.


“Under the leadership of Mrs. Arroyo, we are once more the object of international shame. The audacity with which Mrs. Arroyo and her allies get away with corruption, bribery and lies now bring us this disrepute of being the most corrupt economy in Asia,” said Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Liza Maza


“This rings the alarm for the public and government officials to take action. For as long as truth and accountability remains elusive in the NBN-ZTE scandal, the recently unearthed Spratlys deal and several other scandals and previous allegations of corruption involving the first family as well as close allies of Mrs. Arroyo. International shame is the price that our country pays for the cover-ups, bribes and lies that this mafia-run government perpetuates.”


Unresolved issues of corruption under the Arroyo administration date back to Mrs. Arroyo’s first two years in office when multi-million deals on the Macapagal boulevard, the Fertilizer scam and Philhealth cards as well as the first gentleman’s Jose Pidal account was first revealed.


Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan meanwhile said that the PERC survey report only proves that the supposed anti-corruption campaign of the Arroyo government is a sham. “Lifestyle checks target only those in the outer seams of the corruption fabric. The big fishes who have managed to enrich themselves at the expense of public funds remain on the loose.”


According to the Gabriela solons, “We have yet to see the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for the rampant corruption in this country. Addressing corruption in this country calls for further vigilance and active public participation on the affairs of governance, and the consequent removal of Mrs. Arroyo from office.” #


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