“Gangsters are not known to take ultimatums well.”

The women’s partylist group GABRIELA today said former cabinet officials and members of the clergy, calling for truth and accountability in a five-step procedure within the next seven days could be in for a disappointment.

GABRIELA Women’s Party Representaive Liza Maza today said, “Seven years of Mrs. Arroyo’s administration tells us that she is more likely to take iron-hand solutions rather than heed these suggested courses of action to resolve the brewing political crisis.”

“This was our experience with Proclamation 1017, the Calibrated Pre-Empted Response and Executive Order 464. This is our continuing experience with Oplan Bantay Laya. Mrs. Arroyo never heeded recommendations from the United Nations to dismantle the Inter-Agency Legal Action Group and sack Norberto Gonzales,” explained Maza.

The GABRIELA solon further said, “Her administration has been repeatedly criticized for failure to comply with recommendations put forward by Transparency International, the Asian Development Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. As yet no clear mechanism to ensure transparency in procurement procedures and accountability has been put in place and strengthening key institutions and private sector participation for the monitoring of corrupt practices.”

“Instead, we witness cover-ups lies and bribes,” said Maza.

GABRIELA Women’s Party renewed calls for the immediate resignation and ouster of Mrs. Arroyo, joining today’s “Warning Walk” of the BabaLa! (Babae Laban sa Katiwalian) and the women’s mobilization on March 8 International Women’s Day. #


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