“Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is a huge failure. She has, in several ways, failed the lot of Filipino women in her seven years of governance. As it is, Filipino women feel that we have nothing to lose should the one Filipino woman in the highest position of power in this country, step down now.”


Thus assessed the women’s partylist group GABRIELA in a press conference announcing the week long commemoration of women’s month at the House of Representatives.


Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza explained, “With lies, bribes and violence, Mrs. Arroyo’s governance has effectively spared government officials and the first family from scrutiny and public accountability. This is true even in government institutions, such as Congress and the Ombudsman that should be actively exercising its oversight and prosecutorial functions in these trying times.”


Maza explained that, “Clearly, it is the Arroyo administration that benefits tremendously from the unbridled corruption pervading the political and economic system and the series of corruption scandals rocking the administration is the clearest indication. It is no wonder that Mrs. Arroyo’s administration consciously protects such a flawed system by weakening institutions meant to provide transparency and oversight and curtailing the people’s rights to truth and accountability with media repression, abductions and killings.”


Rep. Luz Ilagan meanwhile laments that the Arroyo administration has repeatedly ignored appeals to prioritize much needed poverty relief measures such as the repeal of the Value Added Tax, legislated wage hike, genuine agrarian reform bill and the repeal of the oil deregulation law. “At the very least, these are measures that could have given Filipino women and our families the much needed respite from the high prices of oil, commodities and health services and education”


Ilagan stressed that “Mrs. Arroyo claims economic growth while women and our families are bombarded with demolition, hunger and war.”


“The impudence with which Mrs. Arroyo condones anomalous multi-million dollar deals in the midst worsening poverty is tantamount to successive, uninterrupted slaps on women’s faces, compelling women to step up and join calls to end Mrs. Arroyo’s corrupt leadership.”


Gabriela Women’s Party is set to join protests on March 8 which will mark the biggest women’s protest against Mrs. Arroyo. #


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