“Since day one and yesterday’s presentation of the findings of the Philippine National Police investigation, the story and theory is one and the same – that the Batasan bombing’s target is Rep. Wahab Akbar. The investigation also disregarded other possible angles that can determine the real motive of this act. The results are half-baked and generally based on the confessions of the arrested suspects.”

This was the statement issued today by Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan, after the initial hearing conducted by the House Committee on Public Order and Safety yesterday. Ilagan was among those injured in the said incident.

Shortly after the blast the PNP arrested suspected Abu Sayyaf members in Payatas and linked them as suspects to the Batasan bombing. Police Senior Supt. Asher Dolina said their investigation was “70% based on the confessions” of the the said suspects.

“The statements of the those who survived the blast have not been all accounted, and yet they have already concluded their investigations. This is another attempt to fabricate stories to cover up the real masterminds and motives behind the blast,” Ilagan said.

“We continue to push for an independent body to conduct an impartial investigation on this brazen attack that targeted the lives of innocent people. We urge the House of Representatives to exercise its authority on this investigation, especially three members of this Congress and staff members of the House have been victimized by this terrible act,” she concluded.” #


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