“Yesterday, the Arroyo regime lost no time in implementing measures worse than what was imposed during Marcos’ Martial Law, with the clear intent of sending out a chilling message to the public. There is no telling what it could do next.”

This was the statement issued today by Gabriela Women’s Partylist Representative Liza Largoza Maza following yesterday’s crisis at the Manila Peninsula, adding that “The random and unceremonial arrest of members of the mass media yesterday is a serious and direct attack against freedom of the press and a violation of the constitutional right to free speech and expression, and the public’s right to information.”



Rep. Maza further said, the curfew implemented from 12midnight to 5am is unconstitutional because there is no enabling law. “Article 3 sec 6 of the Constituiton guarantees the right to travel and freedom of movement cannot be impaired except as may be provided by law.”


Initial reports reveal over 400 individuals have been arrested for violating the illegal curfew in Central Luzon and Metro Manila alone.


The GABRIELA solon further stressed that the Arroyo government has a penchant for using dictatorial powers– violating the constitution, impairing the basic rights of citizens, including that or free speech and expression and freedom of movement– in the process of protecting its illegitimate and unpopular rule.


“We must not allow the Arroyo regime to get away with these illegal actions and attempts to steal the implementation of Martial Law in bits and pieces. We must continue to assert our civil and political rights and freedoms.” #


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