The House of Representatives today deliberated on the report filed by the Committee on Justice on the  impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Being a sham complaint designed to immune Mrs. Arroyo for a year, members of the minority opted to disengage from the proceedings.

The following is the manifestation delivered by Rep. Liza Maza prior to the plenary deliberation on the committee report.


Mr. Speaker, I would like to make a manifestation concerning the Committee on Justice Report on the Pulido Impeachment case against President Arroyo.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to manifest that I am refraining from participating in the deliberation of the committee on Justice Report on the Pulido Impeachment case against Mrs. Arroyo because the Gabriela Women’s Party believe that what Atty. Pulido filed was a sham impeachment complaint designed to immune the President from any other impeachment complaint for one year. It is so fake and devious that even the Committee on Justice did not go to the extent of deliberating on the substance of the complaint.

The Pulido impeachment complaint has robbed the Filipino people the opportunity of filing a real impeachment complaint against the President.

Mr. Speaker, on November 12, 2007, a new impeachment complaint was filed against President Arroyo by people’s organizations and known personalities for her culpable violations of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust and other high crimes by explicitly and implicitly conspiring , directing and abetting, tolerating with impunity as a state policy and rewarding extrajudicial executions, involuntary disappearances, torture, massacre, illegal arrests and detentions and other systematic violations of human rights; for her culpable violations of the constitution, graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust when she abetted and/or tolerated the commission of a crime in regard to the anomalous ZTE National Broadband Contract, and when she abetted, allowed and countenanced the distribution of bribe money to members of congress in exchange for the hasty referral of the Pulido Complaint to the Committee on Justice to prevent the filing of another substantive complaint. In the new impeachment complaint she was also charged by the concerned citizens of culpable violations of Constitution and when she abused her authority to suppress freedom of speech, expression, the press and the people’s right to information and curtailing legislative power to inquire on matters relating to the electoral fraud committed in the 2004 presidential elections.

The House practically silenced the voice of the people when this new impeachment complaint was rejected and returned to the complainants by the Secretary General, who we believe has violated the Constitution and the Rules of the House of Representatives as his function was just to refer such to the Speaker of the House.

Mr. Speaker, we have done a great injustice to the Filipino people when the House allowed the referral to and the subsequent hearing of the Committee on Justice of the Sham Pulido complaint. We have done even a greater injustice when we did not allow the referral of a genuine and substantive impeachment complaint to the Committee on Justice.

The Gabriela Women’s Party will not in any way be a part of this injustice!


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