JOINT STATEMENT: Militant Solons Criticize GMA for Leaving People Defenseless Against Oil price Hikes; Push for the Passage of 3 House Bills

We militant legislators of Anakpawis, Bayan Muna and Gabriela Women’s Party criticize the Arroyo administration for rendering the Filipino people defenseless against the continued oil price increases. The oil price shocks happening worldwide are pushing more and more Filipinos into abject poverty. 


The Arroyo regime only puts up a show of blaming monopoly oil companies and says it cannot stop oil prices from skyrocketing. This shows that Arroyo is beholden to the interests of the oil cartels and is not prepared to address the energy crisis we are facing.


Since the oil industry was deregulated by the Ramos government in April 1996, oil companies have hiked pump prices of all petroleum products by around 535%. 


To add to the festering problem, oil companies and even Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have already announced that fuel prices will still go up by P4 a liter before Christmas, and there may be more hikes to come in 2008, saying government cannot do anything outside of ineffective measures such as an automatic tariff mechanism that does not stop the price hikes nor ensure fair price adjustments.


We are therefore pushing for a 3-bill package that shall give government the teeth to loosen the tight grip of foreign monopoly oil companies on oil prices and to provide the people the much needed relief from incessant oil price hikes.


We call on consumers and various sectors of the public to support these following proposed measures that are tangible, long-term solutions that will mitigate the impact of skyrocketing oil prices:


House Bill 3029 An Act Regulating the Downstream Petroleum Industry and for Other Related Purposes;


House Bill 3030 – An Act Instituting Centralized Procurement of Petroleum in the Country; and


House Bill 3031 – An Act Renationalizing Petron Corporation.


Filed on November 6, these 3 bills are bold and concrete steps to address the problematic oil industry squarely and regulate oil price increases in the country if immediately passed into law.


The United Nations has noted that the Philippines is among the countries that are most vulnerable to oil price shocks because it is heavily dependent on imported oil. To provide the appropriate legal environment to effectively cushion the impact of increasing global oil prices, HB 3029 will repeal the Oil Deregulation Law (RA 8479) that allows oil companies to automatically hike oil prices. HBs 3030 and 3031 on the other hand, will mandate government to have centralized procurement of oil products from the cheapest sources available in the world and the re-acquisition of a majority government stake in Petron, respectively. #


Some Relevant Data:


Ø      With the latest round of increases last November 17, our compatriots will have a bleak Yuletide season. Gasoline prices have been hiked 16 times this year for a P10 total hike this year alone. Premium unleaded gasoline prices are now priced between P42.73 and P46 a liter.


Ø      Diesel and kerosene prices have been raised 13 times. A total increase of P6 a liter has been added to diesel that pegs it at between P34.43 and P37.53 a liter Kerosene now costs P39.15 to P41 a liter for a total increase of P7 a liter.


Ø      LPG prices rose 13 times for a total of P9.96 a kilo but also went down seven times for a total of P3.36 a kilo, including VAT. An 11-kilogram LPG cylinder now costs P528.40 to P582.32.


Ø      All these price hikes in fuel carry wide-ranging effects on the economy always incur greater damage on ordinary wage earners, farmers, small entrepreneurs, drivers and their families among other sectors.


Ø      Other solons are presenting varying measures to cope with the oil price hikes but are open to supporting the proposed measures of the militant partylist representatives


Ø      If this government wants to address this major problem confronting the nation, it should immediately enact House Bills 3029, 3030 and 3031 into law. #


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