The women’s partylist group that sustained a fatality and three casualties in Tuesday’s bombing of the Batasan complex said they were not at all convinced at the PNP’s findings on the Batasan blast following the raid in Payatas, Quezon City.

“From day one of the investigation, it was clear that they already had a working theory that already discounted angles other than that it was perpetrated by Rep. Akbar’s political rivals. It was a case of the conclusion coming before the evidence. The case was solved even before the blast,” said Gabriela Women’s Partylist Representative Liza Maza.

“A thorough and fairly decent investigation would at the very least question eyewitnesses, identify vehicles caught on the Congress’ south wing security camera, as well as its passengers. What the PNP done in this investigation except issue statements and produce evidence to match their theory,” said Maza.

For Representative Luz Ilagan who sustained a leg injury in the blast, “Everything appears so contrived, it’s ridiculous. The manner with which they conducted their investigation is an insult. The PNP owes it to the victims and our families, as well as to the House of Representatives to have a decent, impartial and acceptable investigation on this tragedy. Without a genuine investigation on the blast, the PNP is doing the victims an injustice.” #


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