We at Gabriela Women’s Party criticize the Philippine National Police for virtually ruling out other angles by drawing conclusions according to their working theory that Rep. Wahab Akbar is the target of the blast, discounting other possibilities including that of Gabriela Women’s Party being a target of the November 13 Congress bombing.  

Two days after the tragedy, the PNP has not obtained thorough and full accounts from Rep. Luz Ilagan and members of our staff — Lorraine Gallegos, a staff of Rep. Ilagan and Ismael Lim, driver of Rep. Liza Maza, who were present and are in fact victims of this bombing.



The sketch that has likewise come out in the media has identified the van of Rep. Luz Ilagan, closer to the blast than that of Rep. Wahab Akbar’s. This should logically make Gabriela Women’s Party Representative Luz Ilagan and even Rep. Liza Maza as plausible targets especially since Rep. Maza’s vehicle is almost identical to that of Rep. Ilagan’s. 

Gabriela Women’s Party is a staunch critic of this adminstration and Reps. Ilagan and Maza are both endorsers of the genuine impeachment complaint which includes the ZTE controversy, the bribery attendant to the ZTE deal, the payment in Malacanang, extra judicial killings and human rights violations and election fraud. Gabriela Women’s Party has been targets of political persecution, abduction and extrajudicial killings under the Arroyo administration.

We shall continue to push for a thorough and independent probe on the Novemebr 13 congress bombing. We are open to participating and fully cooperating in any investigation that is impartial.

 For Reference: REP. LIZA LARGOZA MAZA 0920-9134540;   REP. LUZ C. ILAGAN 0920-9213221


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