Gabriela Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan is on her way towards recovery after a 1-hr debri-dust surgery this morning at the St. Lukes Hospital in Quezon City. Her surgeon and attending physician, Dr. Roberto Amado and Dr. Delos Reyes assured the surgery, meant to cleanse her wound from any possible remaining shrapnels and elements was successful and that the wound on Rep. Ilagan’s right thigh should heal in no time. They will continue to monitor her recovery as well as her
hypertension, through the course of her confinement. She is now in stable condition and is accompanied by members of her family, staff
and friends.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ismael Lim, driver of Gabriela Rep. Liza Maza, was likewise operated on his left arm, left leg and the left part of his abdomen. The debri-dust surgery cleansed his wounds and removed the remaining shrapnel imbeded in his abdomen. Lim who also sustained wounds in his head and bruises in his right arm is also confined at
St. Lukes. Doctors have likewise assured his recovery.

The wake of Marcial Taldo, the first reported fatality of the Congress blast and driver of Rep. Luz Ilagan will be held at the funeral chapels of St. Peter’s church, along Commonwealth, Quezon
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