Gabriela files Genuine Agrarian Reform; Backs up Free Land Distribution

Rep. Luz Ilagan  and Rep. Liza Maza both of  GABRIELA Women’s Party, join  other progressive partylist representatives from Bayan Muna and Anakpawis in the  filing of the Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill of 2007 also known as “An Act Instituting Genuine Agrarian Reform In the Country and Creating the Mechanism For its Implementation and Other Purposes.”


The said bill will emphasize free land distribution to deserving farmer beneficiaries and the dismantling of land monopoly now prevalent in the country.


“Landlessness is still the core of the  economic and political problems of peasants and of others in the agriculture sector.” Rep. Ilagan stressed.


The recent suicide of Estanislao Ablin, a farmer from Butuan City, is a clear example of how impoverished  farmers are being pushed to commit such  a tragic act. The Genuine Land Reform Act of 2007 is intended to replace  the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program which will end this year.  This law  has  aggravated the difficult condition of the farmers by legalizing land grabbing for over twenty years.


“The extreme poverty experienced by the peasants reflects the decades-long  social injustice .  The passage of this bill will alleviate the plight of poor peasants and push for genuine agricultural development.” Ilagan stressed.


Notable in the proposed bill is how vast tracts leased to Transnational corporations (TNCs) in Mindanao will be included  in the reforms.  Land for the tillers will be reality for farmers long deprived of the fruits of their labor.


The House Bill highlights salient points that include dismantling of land monopoly, broadening the scope and coverage of land distribution, and the putting up of support services.  The holistic and comprehensive approach to the development of agriculture shall address the concerns of the toiling masses of the country.



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One response to “Gabriela files Genuine Agrarian Reform; Backs up Free Land Distribution

  1. Paul Germanotta

    Congratulations from an admirer in Geneva for this grassroots, egalitarian initiative to help emancipate Filipino farmers and fisher folk from the bonds of capitalist oppression! Your efforts are profoundly inspiring, and I convey my deepest solidarity with you and the hard work that lies ahead in your struggle for this bill’s passage.

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