Using technicalities and legal hogwash, and manipulating the rules to their sole benefit, there is no denying the real agenda of the Committee on Justice. That is to shield Mrs. Arroyo from all accountability and in the process deny the people of the truth.”


This was the statement issued today by GABRIELA Women’s Party Representative Liza Maza as she walked out of the Committee on Justice proceedings along with members of the minority.


The committee has shamelessly and repeatedly refused all attempts to add substance to the Pulido complaint and give this committee the opportunity to deliberate lengthily and thus properly decide on allegations of bribery lodged against Mrs. Arroyo.” said Maza.


The GABRIELA solon further said that with members of the majority coalition still bent on pursuing the moro-moro proceedings, the outcome of deliberations on the complaint initially filed by Atty. Ruel Pulido is without doubt, tainted and without any credibility. “It is a mockery and we refuse to be part of it.”


No different from the Pulido impeachment complaint, the impeachment proceeding is a sham and the House of Representatives a shame.” #


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