Towards salvaging a country of the desperate, disappearing and the disappeared

The women’s partylist group GABRIELA endorsed today the impeachment complaint filed by militant alliance BAYAN at the House of Representatives today, dubbing it as “a resort towards salvaging a country of the desperate, disappearing and the disappeared.”

GABRIELA Representatives Liza Maza and Luz Ilagan along with Bayan Muna and Anakpawis solons said that the more comprehensive and substantiated complaint will give the House of Representatives the opportunity to discuss and consequently hold the President accountable not just for the allegations of bribery, but that of the President’s other high crimes.

The genuine impeachment complaint includes extrajudicial killings, graft and corruption and electoral fraud.This new impeachment complaint contains a more thorough documentation of impeachable offenses that should appeal to the good sense, logic and decency of members of the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Maza.

Mrs. Arroyo has so much to answer for. Under her leadership, the Philippines has been reduced to a country of the desperate, disappearing and the disappeared.”

“We cannot turn a blind eye on the worsening poverty that drives children like Marionet Amper to desperation and death while millions, even billions of pesos in bribes and unliquidated funds exchange hands.”

“An ever increasing number of Filipinos, skilled workers and professionals, are disappearing. They have chosen to risk their lives and leave their families for lack of opportunities in their own country.”

We cannot in conscience allow Congress to limit its deliberations to a sham and utterly limited impeachment complaint when the Arroyo presidency has to be held accountable for making our country a nation of the disappeared, of activists and human rights workers being murdered, abducted, tortured and summarily executed.”

Mrs. Arroyo has to be held accountable for her crimes to the people. Congress, in all decency should recognize public accountability and respect for a people hungry for truth and justice to be the essence of the provisions on impeachment enshrined in our Constitution.” #


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