GABRIELA Women’s Partylist Representative Liza Largoza Maza today said no less than Mrs. Arroyo should explain her political party’s distribution of so-called financial assistance to members of the House of Representatives.

This, following the admission of KAMPI officials and House or Representatives Deputy Speaker Amelita Villarosa that indeed, P500,000 was distributed to Representatives Bienvenido Abante (Manila) and Thomas Dumpit (La Union).

“Being the head and the founder of KAMPI, Mrs. Arroyo must be aware of if not encouraging this practice of distributing cash gifts. It is without question, influence peddling on the part of KAMPI to assist even non-KAMPI members in the House of Representatives in order to ensure their support for Mrs. Arroyo. Whichever way you look at it, this constitutes bribery,” said Maza.

The GABRIELA solon also noted that the timing of the distribution of these cash gifts all the more makes it impossible for Mrs. Arroyo not to be involved. “These so-called financial assistance were distributed in the midst of the filing of an impeachment complaint based on allegations of bribery, and overpriced contracts. Moreover, they were distributed right after Mrs. Arroyo met with lawmakers in Malacanang. How could Mrs. Arroyo not be involved in this?”

“KAMPI officials are all the more digging themselves in deeper muck in their attempts to exonerate Mrs. Arroyo from this bribery. Mrs. Arroyo herself should come clean and tell the truth.” #


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