Gabriela Women’s Party joins calls for Mrs. Arroyo to step down now. Women in this country have nothing to lose and so much to gain should the one woman in the highest position of power in this country resign.

In the wake of large scale bribery and overpriced contracts—from fertilizers and boulevards to information highways and cyber education to name a few—the Arroyo leadership has betrayed public trust; misused and plundered public funds.  Mrs. Arroyo’s governance, questionable as it is with unanswered allegations of electoral fraud has lost all credibility and moral ascendancy to lead a battle against corruption;

Under Mrs. Arroyo’s leadership we have found ourselves in a war zone, a country now known for extra judicial killings and enforced disappearances, for wars on terror that continues to displace and terrorize hundreds of thousands of families. Mrs. Arroyo has led this country into a human rights crisis worthy of international condemnation;

Mrs. Arroyo’s administration continues to be characterized with demolitions and homelessness, low wages and joblessness, high prices, high taxes amid the dearth of health services and education, Filipino women find no respite or liberation in the so-called economic development Mrs. Arroyo proudly claims to have led this country into;

We reiterate anew our call and unite with the nation in demanding that Mrs. Arroyo step down now. We shall work with the opposition and various sectors in pursuing a genuine impeachment complaint. We shall join protests and mass actions nationwide to demand the immediate resignation of Mrs. Arroyo. Filipino women deserve no less than the truth, public accountability, justice and peace.

For Reference: Rep. Liza Largoza-Maza (0920-9134540) Rep. Luz Ilagan (0920-9213221) Cristina Palabay (0917-5003879)


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