Militant Solons File Resolution to Probe Chain of Bribes; BREAKFAST CASH FLOW CAN FEED 200 FAMILIES FOR 1 YEAR

GABRIELA Women’s Partylist Representative Luz Ilagan today joined Rep. Teddy Casino of Bayan Muna in filing a resolution to probe into what she dubbed as the “chain of bribes from Malacanang to the Batasan.”

“We have a government whose security is running on large scale and widespread bribery. First it was bribery to secure a contract. Then, it was bribery to secure an endorsement. Now its bribery to secure the dismissal of an impeachment complaint,” said Ilagan.

The GABRIELA solon further said, “We cannot have hundreds of thousands of pesos being handed out in brown paper bags as if it were pandesal in Malacanang when millions are in fact going hungry in this country. It is scandalous.”

“Assuming that an average of P300,000 was handed out to every single one of the 190 Congressmen and women who had breakfast in Malacanang last Thursday, then that would mean at least P57M in cash. That’s not counting those that were handed out to local executives. Where did that much money come from?” asked Ilagan.

According to Ilagan, these so-called allowances handed out to buy out the silence and loyalty of government officials, conservatively totaled to P57M, could have actually bought 814,285 textbooks or even build 100 classrooms. This same amount could have given 200 families in Metro Manila 362 days of a decent life, assuming that the daily cost of living remains pegged at P786 per day.

Ilagan said more government officials should do a Panlilio, and reveal what exactly happened at breakfast last Thursday. “What happened in Malacanang was downright illegal. We have to get to the bottom of these bribes, and someone has to be made accountable.” #



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